Why can stamping foil improve the packaging quality of products?

Why can stamping foil improve the packaging quality of products?

2021-02-09 16:10:53

Nowadays, many manufacturers have applied stamping foil to the packaging of products, but do you know why stamping foil improves the quality of packaging?

The stamping foil can improve the packaging quality because the stamping foil hot stamps various colors and text materials on the surface of leather, paper, wood, plastic, cloth, cardboard and other products, and the effect of hot stamping With the characteristics of beauty, clear patterns, dazzling brilliance, wear resistance, weather resistance, and bright colors, anodized aluminum hot stamping uses heating and pressure to transfer consumer patterns and text to the surface of the hot stamped material.

As long as there is a hot stamping machine, the text and pattern that the consumer wants are made into a plate and heated to the required temperature, and then the product is placed on it and the appropriate pressure is applied for one second, and then the beautiful pattern is It came out like this.

However, it should be noted that when hot stamping different materials, you should choose the appropriate model product, and choose the appropriate temperature, pressure, and hot stamping time to achieve the ideal hot stamping effect.

Packaging is the image of the product, just like the clothes we wear. It is the most intuitive reason why the product attracts consumers, because it not only makes the packaging have a dazzling color, highlights the characteristics of the product, but also has better packaging. The three-dimensional sense can attract the attention of consumers and increase the sales volume of products. At the same time, the stamping foil packaging can be recycled and meets the requirements of global environmental protection.

In recent years, stamping foil has analyzed the recycling of packaging with hot stamping foil on recycled paper. The hot stamping industry insiders in the stamping foil industry has added different areas of hot stamping foil or cold aluminum printing to the cardboard packaging. A lot of research and product experiments have been carried out, which proves that the use of conventional waste separators can effectively separate cardboard and aluminum foil, so as to achieve the purpose of recycling.