Recommendable PP Series General Purpose Hot Stamping Foil

Recommendable PP Series General Purpose Hot Stamping Foil

2022-11-17 09:49:34

If you wish to personalize your products or packaging with text or logos, hot stamping is a tried and tested and highly recommended method of marking.

What Can Hot Stamping Foils Be Used For?

Hot foil stamping is a robust and reliable process that allows users to mark a variety of different materials, allowing any enthusiast to create their own custom-stamped designs.

Hot stamping foils are designed to meet the needs of personalized items, greeting cards, cosmetic packaging, commercial printing, bookbinding, and other applications.

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Is Hot Stamping Permanent?

Hot stamping is a permanent decoration with excellent adhesion and abrasion resistance. Advances in foils have made it possible to decorate almost all plastic materials in production today.

PP Series General Purpose Hot Stamping Foil

PP series general-purpose hot stamping foil is often used for general-purpose graphic printing applications.

The type of hot stamping foil can be used in labels, cigarette packaging, regular packaging like cosmetic cartons, candy packaging, wine boxes,  greeting cards, tubes, advertising materials, and other graphic materials.
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Main Properties

● General purpose hot foil, versatile for various graphic substrates, good stampability, and adhesion.
●  High metallic gloss.
●  Low stamping temperature and good for high-speed stamping.
●  Good heat resistance with a wide stamping temperature range.
●  Good transferring performance, suitable for stamping both fine details and medium areas.
●  High definition and sharp edge without bubbles and flakes.
●  Good anti-scratch and rub resistance properties.
●  ROHS, REACH and VOC approved.

Related Information
Printing Machines Flat-bed and up-and-down press, cylinder, and rotary machines.
Substrates Plain paper, printed paper, coated paper, plastic label and OPP laminates,
paper with some UV varnishes.
Stamping Temperature • 110-150℃ on flat-bed and up-and-down machines.
• 120-160℃ on cylinder machines.
• 160-205℃ on rotary machines.
Shades Available Silver/gold, matte silver/gold, and other colours are available.

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Transport and Storage of PP Series General Purpose

●  Please use the product within one year from the ship-on-board date.
●  Keep the product in its original packaging and keep away from high temperature, high humidity, or sunlight exposure.
●  Highest temperature for storage is 35℃.
●  Highest temperature for transport is 50℃.
●  Jumbo rolls should be suspended horizontally and avoid direct contact with the ground or other items.


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If you are still unsure whether foil stamping, cold foil, or holographic foil is suitable for your planned job, or if you have any other questions about foil stamping, please contact us! We look forward to hearing from you and providing you with our expertise and guidance to ensure you get what you need.