Introduction to popular science about hot stamping technology

Introduction to popular science about hot stamping technology

2021-07-01 15:36:40

In order to attract consumers' attention and stimulate consumers' desire to buy, commodity packaging is becoming more and more beautiful and dazzling. When customers buy goods, their eyes stay on each product for no more than 1.8 seconds. There are no less than 30,000 kinds of goods in a medium-sized supermarket. In order to grab the attention of customers, novel and unique packaging has become important for merchants. The killer. When you are shopping or wandering in supermarkets or malls, you will find that metal effects and holographic effects are more and more widely used in packaging products.

Hot stamping technology refers to the use of a special metal stamping plate to transfer the stamping foil to the surface of the printing material by heating and pressing. The advantages of hot stamping technology mainly include the following points.

(1) Good quality, high precision, clear and sharp edge of hot stamping image.

(2) The surface gloss is high, and the hot stamping pattern is bright and smooth.

(3) The hot stamping foil has a wide range of options, such as hot stamping foils of different colors, hot stamping foils with different gloss effects, and hot stamping foils suitable for different substrates.

(4) Another outstanding advantage of the hot stamping process is that it can be used for three-dimensional stamping. Using computer numerical control engraving (CNC) method to make a three-dimensional hot stamping plate, so that the graphics and text processed by hot stamping have obvious three-dimensional layers, forming a relief effect on the surface of the printed matter, and producing a strong visual impact effect. Three-dimensional hot stamping can make the packaging have a unique touch.