How can stamping foil be better preserved?

How can stamping foil be better preserved?

2020-12-20 11:26:59

There are actually some methods and techniques for how to preserve the stamping foil. No matter how much stamping foil is used, it must be properly protected. Otherwise, the stamping foil that has not been used or half of it has been used will be directly scrapped because the bronzing process cannot be realized because of the wrong storage method.

Due to the wrong storage method, the hot stamping foil is often oxidized directly, it is not easy to tear, and the hot stamping effect is not ideal. So how to preserve the stamping foil is more appropriate?

1. No matter how the stamping foil is to be stored, it must first avoid direct contact with the air. The practical and effective way is to pack it in a plastic bag, which can prolong the service time of stamping foil and ensure its quality effect.

stamping foil

2. Regarding the storage temperature of the stamping foil. Room temperature is fine. However, if the room temperature exceeds 40 degrees, ventilation is required.

3. The relative humidity of storage should not be higher than 80%, higher than this humidity will have some influence on the storage of stamping foil. At this time, ventilation and dehumidification are required.

4. When storing, stack the boxes one by one, not more than eight boxes, otherwise the bottom box of stamping foil will be crushed. It is best to combine horizontal and vertical placement.