Does the stamping foil contain harmful substances?

Does the stamping foil contain harmful substances?

2021-03-16 13:55:22

Hot stamping paper foil is a hot stamping material made by adding a layer of metal foil to the film base through coating and vacuum evaporation. The stamping foil foil is made by coating the release layer and the color layer on the film sheet, then coating the glue layer by vacuum aluminum plating, and finally through the rewinding of the finished product. stamping foil is completely non-toxic, which can be analyzed from its materials and technology.

The stamping foil looks very thin, but it consists of 5 layers of raw materials in total.

1. The base material of stamping foil is non-toxic BOPET film.

2. The release layer of the stamping foil uses water-based resin wax, which is also non-toxic.

3. The color layer of the stamping foil uses toner. If the powder is flying in the air, it is still harmful, but it will not affect the human body after being fixed on the stamping foil.

stamping foil

4. For the aluminum plating layer, a thin aluminum layer is sprayed through a vacuum aluminum plating machine to make the stamping foil produce a metallic texture. The aluminum is naturally non-toxic.

5. The last layer is the glue layer, and resin glue is used, and there are no harmful substances.

Most people think that stamping foil may contain harmful substances. It may be because a large amount of chemical materials are used to produce stamping foil. However, these chemical materials are only used as a solvent and will volatilize during the production process. There will be no residues, so bronzing The paper does not contain harmful substances.