Do you know the characteristics of laser printing

Do you know the characteristics of laser printing

2021-10-12 14:03:19

Laser printing is a very common printing technology, but many people know very little about laser printing. Let me introduce the technical characteristics of laser printing.

1. The printing effect is the best among all printers, almost reaching the level of printing, which is also its biggest advantage;

2. The printing speed is fast, the printing sound is small, and a quiet office environment can be obtained. The laser printer is also known as the page printer, as the name implies, it can print a whole sheet of paper at a time;

3. The price and consumables are expensive. Laser printers use toner cartridges, one cartridge of toner can print about 3000 to 5000 pages, and it is more expensive to buy a toner cartridge or replace the toner in the cartridge;

4. It is not allowed to print multiple copies on carbon paper at the same time, and the paper has high requirements.