Common Problems in the Hot Stamping Process

Common Problems in the Hot Stamping Process

2022-10-31 10:31:38

What Are the Characteristics of Hot Stamping Foils Superior to Other Printing Materials?

Hot stamping patterns with clear, pretty, bright, and eye-catching colors, with a special metallic luster, can play the role of the finishing touch, highlighting the design effect.

What Should I Do When the Stamping Comes Out Discolored or Darkened?

Attention should be paid to controlling the hot stamping temperature. When the temperature is too high, disadvantages such as fog, poor brightness, and foaming are easy to occur. Each stamping machine has deviations in pressure and time, so it should be adjusted flexibly, and the pressure and time of the hot stamping should be selected.

How to Adjust the Flatness of the Hot Stamping Effect?

The flatness is related to the composition of the hot stamping paste and the thickness of the hot-melt powder. The finer the hot melt powder particles, the better the flatness.

How to Deal with the Situation That It Is Not Washable and Easy to Fall Off?

The reason for the easy falling off may be that the hot stamping foil is used incorrectly, the hot stamping foil does not meet the hot stamping paste, and the temperature or pressure does not meet the requirements.

Therefore, the hot stamping foil or hot stamping paste should be replaced before hot stamping, and the reasonable temperature and pressure should be adjusted.
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How to Avoid Blank Spots in Large Area Hot Stamping?

If there are blank spots in large-area hot stamping, the pressure should be uniform or the temperature should be adjusted, and the printing process and hot stamping paste should be adjusted.

Why Does the Hot Stamping Paper Fold When Flat Stamping?

It may be that the hot stamping foil is not laid flat enough or the pressure is too heavy, so proper adjustment is important.

How to Avoid the Hot Stamping Pattern from Cracking?

The mismatch between the hot stamping paste and the hot stamping foils will easily lead to the cracking of the hot stamping pattern. It is recommended to replace the hot stamping paste or the hot stamping foil.

How to Improve the Hot Stamping Quality of Hot Stamping Foil?

1. Choose the right hot stamping foil rolls. It is best to use stamping foil with a dense texture, high smoothness, and strong surface strength for the hot stamping substrate.

2. To reasonably control the stamping pressure. The hot stamping pressure has a great relationship with the fastness of the hot stamping foil adhesion.

3. The hot stamping speed is as constant as possible. The slower the hot stamping speed, the longer the contact time between the hot stamping foil and the substrate, and the stronger the bond, which is conducive to hot stamping.